I’m a Designer with 13 years of experience in Product Design, UX & UI Design, Creative Brand Management, Project Development, and Motion Design, Photography, and Filmography.

I see myself as an innovator who knows how to implement great ideas. My work’s three cornerstones are a keen sense of brands and trends, knowledge of user needs, and a good portion of intuition.

I work best in motivated teams – because I believe that just one person can never realize great things. After all, working in a team offers diverse perspectives and the opportunity to develop continuously.


As a designer with japanese roots, I decided to create a Kamon for my own Identity. I looked for roots of my family name and family crest and I found the original symbol of the Family Clan Fukushima. Respecting the traditional roots of the old Kamon, I modernized the design with new essence.

The traditional family crest, the Kamon has been used for more than thousands years and refers specifically to emblems used to identify a family. Today, even though Japanese people hardly use Kamons except for ceremonial occasions, the concept of the Kamon is still important. Particularly the design concept and elements have strongly inspired Japanese graphic designers.


From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, I excel at producing top-quality designs for a variety of organizations.

Some major clients I’ve worked with include:

and many others.


My process is simple but effective: I immediately focus on building rapport with people throughout the company, understanding how they work and what their culture is like. From there, I create concepts and eventually all other visual components to communicate the vision and create something audiences will really love. Lastly, I utilize my excellent interpersonal communication skills to bring key stakeholders together to make efficient decisions on designs without sacrificing quality.


I lived at a Buddhist monastery in Korea when I was 18 years old. I also speak 4 languages after living outside of the U.S. for most of my life (Japan, South Korea, The U.K., Germany), which gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in many different cultures from an early age. These experiences taught me how to navigate the oftentimes-conflicting preferences between different people and develop creative compromises that could satisfy all parties involved.