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User Experience Design

Microsoft Showroom

As a new branch office, Microsoft established a center located directly in the heart of Germany’s capital city. “Microsoft Berlin” is composed of offices, a café, and a business area comprising a showroom and a lounge. The highlight is definitely the ellipse-shaped showroom, which is consequently the perfect basis for impressive 270° projections. Microsoft Deutschland engaged us for the creation of the showroom content.

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Elliptical Projection Room

The room was planned as a venue for illustrating and discussing current social issues. Microsoft wished to build a library of media that could match any topic of conversation. To meet this challenge, we designed a wide variety of 3D worlds, all of which aimed to give viewers the impression of being right in the heart of action.

Interactive Presentations

The ellipse-shaped showroom also offers impressive interactive presentations. For example, to illustrate the issue of cybercrime, we developed a display that showed the measures Microsoft installs to decrease cybercrime and to solve cases.