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Mohr Hydrokultur


For over 30 years, family owned business Mohr Hydrokultur has been offering indoor plantscapes and hydroponics to companies all across Germany. We, at Motion Squad Studio, were asked by the owner, Günter Mohr to create an advertisement that reflects the company’s culture and philosophy.

After a tour at their headquarters along with wonderful conversations with their employees, I was able to get an impression of the soul of the company and present them with an idea they loved: To create an inclusive and nostalgic-feel advertisement by combining the concept of a family photo album and the paper pop-up books that we had as children.


Almost five decades ago, the family company mohr Hydrokultur was founded to bring nature to your workplace.

In the beginning you can see a closed book with the mohr logo and certificate "Certified Room Builder" on a wooden table. While the sentence is ending, the book opens.

During our lifetime, we spend most of our time at the office. The trend to keep the jobs lean and simple, led to bare spaces with little personality and in gray in all nuances.

The book opens and an office room unfolds. Furniture builds up one by one. Mood and the environment are desaturated.

We believe that work in green is better work.

Now different plants start to pop up (on the floor, green wall as a room divider) *not on tables.
The atmosphere becomes warmer and the environment becomes more saturated.

An environment with plants makes people more creative, productive and reduces stress.

Page is turned over and another room with plants (floor, green wall) unfolds.
The room is a meeting room with flipcharts, TV, etc.

Some plants can even control the humidity and filter contaminants.

Page is turned over and a lobby with plants unfolds.
In the room dust/particles (pollution) flies around in the air and scene is desaturated.
It zooms in on a plant and it shows how the plant cleans the air by particles disappearing and the colors

becoming more friendly and clear.

With years of experience and knowledge about space aesthetics and botany, we bring inspiration and harmony to your workplace.

Camera zooms out and the room gets more clear and saturated.

We advise you on site with virtual design suggestions from which plants your rooms will profit, considering the light incident and location.

Change of different pots, colors, and plants.
In the background the sun shines through the window. The light beam travels and stops. A plant slides to the sunbeam.

You can also rent plants instead of buying them.

Page turns and different kind of plants pops up.

We supply, maintain, and replace your interior greening.

Page turns and 3 elements pops up.
A mohr delivery truck, watering can and a dying brown plant, which flips 180°. On the other side there are the exact same kind of plant, fresh and new.

Page turns and 3 elements pops up.
A Mohr delivery truck, watering can and a dying brown plant, which flips 180°. On the other side there is the exact same kind of plant, fresh and new.

Plants are our passion and we will help you to make them as yours as well.

The book closes slowly and the camera zooms out.

We are mohr Hydrokultur.

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